Hi! I am Ivo Ketelaar.
I work as an independent photographer based in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Most of the time I work on specific projects and concepts or creating new ones.
Sometimes  I do assignments, mostly on autism or infrastructure subjects.
My main subjects are autism, infrastructure, animals and landscapes. 

My latest project is an autism project.
In 2017 I developed the project Hoe Kijkt Autisme, an autism project.
In that concept I show how somebody with autism looks at reality
and what emotions those situations can cause for an autist.
For this project I developed a photo exposition, lectures and workshops.
This unique project now travels through cities in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The book is now published!
Find out all you want to know about this really unique book!

Please contact me for more information and bookings.

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